Opening Hours

Our “normal” opening hours are
  • Monday, Wednesday, Fridays:  10am – 5pm
  • Tuesday and Thursdays:     12 noon – 7pm
  • Saturdays and Sundays:    Closed

2 thoughts on “Opening Hours”

  1. Hi there. I have an Asus x553m which I may be expecting too much from. It’s not finding wireless connections and I have been using a booster but that’s not helping now. What’s your hourly rate or a check for a laptop to see how it’s running? When do you have availability? Maria

    1. Hello Maria,
      We may already have discussed this on the phone. I suspect you may have an issue with your WiFi router/booster. It might me a good idea to take your laptop to another location such as an internet enabled café. If your laptop performs well there then the problem is your home WiFi setup.

      Hope this helps
      Best Wishes

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