Apple Macintosh repairs

We love Apple Macs. Sadly even well designed and well made computers go wrong. When this happens we’re here for you.

MacBook Pro, MacBook AiriMacMacMini, MacPro – we’ll do our best to fix them all at competitive rates. Even PowerMacs and PowerBooks.

System Solutions is probably South London’s most experienced Independent Apple Repair Centre.

It’s quite heartbreaking when you’re told: “Sorry, this is vintage. We can’t repair it.” But because we’re independent we’re happy to repair your Vintage Mac, too.

To discuss or to make a booking please call 020 8693 3355 (Mon-Fri 11am-5pm)

One thought on “Apple Macintosh repairs”

  1. After fourteen years of using my trusty old G3 Powerbook it died a slow and painful death in July. I rang Karl and he said he would help. It was touch and go for two months but he succeeded in extracting the bulk of my data and putting it into a fairly unused G3 Powerbook I found on eBay. In short he achieved a miracle,restoring hundreds of vital eMails,communications,legal documents and crucial work in progress. There are a lot of dodgy computer people out there who promise the earth but deliver little but a large bill. Karl is the opposite, he takes his time,gives you the options and charges a fair price for his work. In my opinion he’s the best Mac technician in Britain.

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