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If your computer is running any Windows version then it’s of utmost importance that you have an up-to-date AntiVirus Software installed. Any version is definitely better than none. Of course some are better than others and some are free for personal use.

So this rule should be crystal clear: You MUST not use ANY Windows computer connected to the internet without AntiVirus Software. And that includes virtual Windows installed on a Macs. It is as essential as having a good log-in password. Full stop.

Though when it comes to using Macintosh OS X we can relax a little. AntiVirus solutions are not essential for most users except for special situations such as Mail Servers. There just hasn’t been any Virus out in the wild that can infect OS X which is good news for Apple Mac users. Even though nothing serious has come up for about 17-18 years. This does not mean that it is impossible to get a virus on Macintosh. Is is possible. Just at the moment there is nothing much to be worried about. However,  business Mac users should consider installing a Mac AntiVirus Solution to make sure nothing passes through to your partners and clients. This would be good practice.

What is the best AntiVirus Solution for your computer? We still know it is ESET Internet SecurityIt is compact, does not slow older computers to a stand still, updates automatically without downloading large files, is easy to install and very easy to renew. There are solutions for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and special versions for file & mail servers. You can even protect your Android, Symbian and Windows Mobiles. Ask for us for the ESET Multi-Device Security Pack which is excellent value for money.

System Solutions has been an ESET Reseller for many happy years. ESET support is nothing short of excellent. They have never let us down. Hence our ESET customers are fully covered. And this is important for us as it is important for our customers big and small. Peace of mind all-round.

Want to know more? Click on ESET to learn more. Not sure? Why not ask for a 30 day free trial. Just send a request with your Full Name, e-mail address and the quantity of computers to licence or give us a call to discuss on 020 8693 3355.

However, if you are reading this because you are one of the unfortunates who’s computer has come to a complete crawl because of a Virus, Trojan or Malware infection. Then you need be aware that in most cases this cannot be resolved by just updating or installing another AntiVirus solution. Just running a Malware scanner tends not to resolve things completely either. Believe me, you can spend hours trying to get rid of those pesky things but they will not budge. This can be a most frustrating situation. But we are here to help. We have become expert on how to deal those situations and the use of our Inoculation Station finds all those critters and gets rid of them for good.

You can bring your computer into our Workshop or call us on 020 8693 3355 (Mon-Fri 11am-5pm) if you have any questions or want to discuss.

Here are a couple of useful links that might help when you’re stuck:

ESET Online Scanner – Detect and remove malware on your PC with a powerful and user-friendly tool.

Antivirus Removal Tools – Uninstallers (removal tools) for common antivirus software.

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